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My name is Václav Janeček (pronounce: ˈvaːtslaf ˈjanetʃɛk).
I am a legal scholar, philosopher and technology enthusiast.

My research interests include private law liability, trade in data, access to legal information, and philosophy of legal information.

Currently, I work as Research and Course Development Fellow in Law and Technology at the University of Oxford and am finishing my DPhil in Law (Oxford PhD), focusing on non-compensatory damages in English law.

I also teach Contract Law at UCL Laws.

You can read some of my recent work below.

Short Academic Biography

After completing grammar school in the Czech Republic, I moved to Prague where I studied philosophy and law.

During my philosophical studies (2007-2011), I focused mainly on the history and development of philosophical ideas in Europe. I was largely influenced by works of Patočka, Hume, and Quine (in reverse order). In my final thesis (supervised by Jakub Jirsa), I explored the role of fictions and fictionalism in law and morality.

At the Faculty of Law in Prague (2007-2013), I studied all major areas of Czech, EU and international law.
In 2012/13, I spent one year at the University of Sussex as a reader in moral philosophy and English law (mainly torts). This stay helped me to complete my law master's thesis on punitive aspects of damages (supervised by Karel Beran and consulted with Mark Davies).

My academic curiosity in conjunction with my background in law and philosophy brought me to PhD studies in Theory, Philosophy, and Sociology of Law (awarded 2017). In my doctoral thesis (2013-2017, awarded the Bolzano Prize), I canvassed foundations of liability and responsibility. One of the key aims of this work was to enrich doctrinal debates revolving around liability and responsibility by insights from comparative legal philosophy. This project was, again, supervised by Karel Beran.
In the course of my doctoral studies, I also completed a more doctrinally oriented research project on compensation in the Czech law for which I was awarded the JUDr degree (awarded 2016).

In 2016, I settled in Oxford (Keble College). At the Oxford Law Faculty, I conceptually and ethically analyzed non-compensatory damages under the supervision of James Goudkamp (MSt in Legal Research defended 2017).
Whilst in Oxford, I attended seminars at the Oxford Internet Institute and studied the philosophy of Luciano Floridi whom I later joined in the Digital Ethics Lab (see below).
In 2018 and 2019, I served as an Associate Editor for the Oxford Business Law Blog.
Since 2018, I am reading for a DPhil in Law at St Edmund Hall in Oxford
and since 2019, I also collaborate on an interdisciplinary project Unlocking the Potential of AI for English Law.

In 2019, I also started teaching Contract Law at University College London, Faculty of Laws.

My academic path so far has been a great joy thanks to many great academics and personalities from whom I could have learned.

(last updated in October 2020)

Principal Academic Appointments

As a visiting scholar, I conducted research at:

Teaching profile

I am happy to offer supervision or tutorials in Philosophy of Law,
Tort Law, Contract Law, Roman Foundations of Private Law,
Comparative Private Law, EU Law, and Digital Privacy.

My teaching portfolio includes:

Philosophy of Law

Tutorials and seminars teaching for
law undergraduates in
Oxford and Prague.

Contract Law

Tutorials for
law undergraduates in
London (UCL Laws).

Moral philosophy

Tutorials for
philosophy undergraduates in

Legal Informatics

Seminars for
law graduates in

Data Trading and Privacy

Lectures for
graduates in
Oxford (Law and Computer Science) and Tsinghua (Law).

Digital Ethics

Online lessons for
law professionals in
the United Kingdom (GLD).

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